Friday, 18 January, 2008

Review: Web2 Delight

Excellent work!

As of the first run I am really impressed by the great work done in Web2 Delight. The momentum I chose to select the Browse Sites, it instantly started previewing the items, waw! It also has a very user friendly interface to preview a video or to download an item, drag and drop and more.
We can create Collections or Smart collections On-The-Go to keep the things organized in order.

1. I found that the Cover-Flow-View is available only in Leopard but not in Tiger.
2. When I tried to view my Picassa page it loaded only up to 50 items. And I did not find any way to load the remaining photos.
3. I would appreciate more if it can load my dotMac galleries too :-).

Since this is a Beta version we may expect more enhancements in the Release one.

I enjoyed the most is the Slide-Show feature with transition effects and the background music.
Totally a good work indeed.


Raghu Nayak said...

You have a dot Mac account ?

What's your dot Mac address ?

Shyama said...